2024 Petition for Nomination to the Board of Directors of Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company

The Bylaws of Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company establish the right of a Member to petition for nomination to a position on the Board of Directors that is vacant due to the expiration of a term of office. To be valid, a petition must be signed by at least 30 Members. This election cycle is for three (3) positions on the Board of Directors.  One of the nominees must be a physician Member or a physician employed by a Member.

The deadline for submitting a petition for nomination is February 15, 2024. To petition for nomination, you must be a Member. No particular format is required for a petition, but the petition must be signed by 30 Members. Generally, a Member is a named insured under a policy issued by Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company. 

If you are interested in petitioning or applying for nomination, or would like more information, please call Melissa Cunningham at (206) 343-7300 or (800) 962-1399.