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Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company Board of Directors
Physicians Insurance is a mutual insurance company governed by a board of directors elected by the policyholders. Physician control of the Board is guaranteed by the bylaws, and the company benefits from the expertise of several nonphysician directors. The Washington State Medical Association also nominates two directors. Below are the names of the current Board members.

Ralph A. Rossi, MD, Chairman
Internal Medicine

Joseph Deng, MD, Vice Chair

David Carlson,DO
Family Medicine

Lloyd David
Clinic Administrator

Jennifer Hanscom
Executive Director and CEO
Washington State Medical Association

David Kolde, MD
Family Medicine

Skip Li, JD
Shane Macaulay, MD
Diagnostic Radiology

Timothy L. Melhorn, MD
Internal Medicine

John Pasqualetto
President, Chairman, and CEO,
Seabright Holdings (retired)

Sheila Rege, MD
Radiation Oncology

David A. Russian, MD
Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine

Walter Skowronski
President, Boeing Capital Corporation (retired)

Josephine Young, MD

Executive Management Group

John Domeika, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Kristin Kenny, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
David Kinard, Senior Vice President, Business Development
Leslie Mallonee, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Mary-Lou Misrahy, President and Chief Executive Officer
Alison Talbot, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Petition for Nomination to the Physicians Insurance Board of Directors

The bylaws of Physicians Insurance establish the right of a member to petition for nomination to a physician position on the Board of Directors that is vacant due to the expiration of a term of office. To be valid, a petition must be signed by at least 30 members, and each petition must specify the position number to which the candidate seeks election.

This year a physician member may petition for nomination to Board Positions 2 or 3.

The deadline for submitting a petition for nomination is November 1, 2018. To petition for nomination, you must be a physician insured under a policy issued by Physicians Insurance.  No particular format is required for a petition, but the petition must identify the position number to which the individual seeks nomination, and it must be signed by 30 members. Generally, a member is a named insured or additional named insured under a policy issued by Physicians Insurance.

If you are interested in petitioning or applying for nomination, or would like more information, please call Melissa Cunningham at (206) 343-7300 or 1-800-962-1399.


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