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Petition for Nomination to the Physicians Insurance Board of Directors

The bylaws of Physicians Insurance establish the right of a member to petition for nomination to a physician position on the Board of Directors that is vacant due to the expiration of a term of office. To be valid, a petition must be signed by at least 30 members, and each petition must specify the position number to which the candidate seeks election. This year a physician member may petition for nomination to Board Positions 4, 5, 6, or 7. Each incumbent in these positions is eligible to be nominated to serve a new term of office. They are David Russian, MD (Position 4), Tim Melhorn, MD (Position 5), Josephine Young, MD (Position 6), and David McClellan, MD (Position 7). For a full listing of the company’s Directors, go to

The deadline for submitting a petition for nomination is January 17, 2014. To petition for nomination, you must be a physician insured under a policy issued by Physicians Insurance. No particular format is required for a petition, but the petition must identify the position number to which the individual seeks nomination, and it must be signed by 30 members. Generally, a member is a named insured or additional named insured under a policy issued by Physicians Insurance.

If you are interested in petitioning or applying for nomination, or would like more information, please call Gary Morse or Catherine Walberg at (206) 343-7300 or (800) 962-1399.
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