Choosing a Captive Manager Partner

A captive manager is not just a service provider but a business partner, built on a foundation of respect, hard work, and understanding. We take pride in our role and manage each captive as if it were our own company. Every domicile views the captive manager role as integral to the success of a program and requires all managers to submit to an approval process.

Depending on the needs and the infrastructure of your organization, we have the ability to provide all of the necessary services to conduct the company's operations on a day-to-day basis. For many captives we serve all the functions normally provided by the claims, financial, and risk management departments of a traditional organization. We have the ability to tailor our services specifically to your needs to ensure that your company receives all the support necessary to minimize any additional administrative burden resulting from a captive.

Our experienced management team has the specialized insurance industry expertise to meet the needs of the captive's reporting and underwriting requirements, while being able to communicate effectively with the company's board of directors, regulators, actuaries, and auditors.