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AdVerse Event Response Team (AVERT) Program 2.50 On-Site
Registration Open
This interactive training prepares you to address the special needs of patients, families, and peers following an adverse event. Learn how to prepare for and deliver a compassionate and empathetic apology, when applicable, and develop an ongoing care plan for the patient and family affected by an unexpected or poor outcome. Specialty: All

Communication in Anesthesiology: Optimizing the Preoperative Interview 2.00 On-Site
Registration Open
How effectively you handle your pre-op conversation with patients can shape their surgical outcomes, length of hospital stays, and satisfaction measures linked to reimbursement. This dynamic workshop uses simulation techniques that allow you to assess and hone specific behaviors related to easing patient anxiety, building rapport, and conducting a solid informed consent. Specialty: Anesthesiology

Medicine and the Courtroom 2.00 On-Site
Registration Open
Mia was healthy at her one-month well-baby check. Less than two days later, she was admitted to the ICU, where she developed seizures, and subsequent sagittal sinus thrombosis with subdural effusions. Her long-term outcome is now uncertain, despite prompt action by her mother and the efforts of multiple, caring providers. What happened to Mia? What might have prevented her permanent injuries and the resulting lawsuit?

Medicine and the Courtroom involves you directly in review of a malpractice claim. A panel of medical, legal, and risk management experts give their perspective on this actual case and invite you to analyze it in terms of patient care, communication factors and systems issues. This experience will help you to proactively address potential risk and unexpected outcomes.

Tools for Your Team: Equipping Your Staff to Improve the Patient Experience N/A On-Site
Registration Open
The crux of improving the experience that patients have in your practice is understanding basic risk management principles and engaging patients to become partners with their health care team. This course will provide strategies to improve communication, enhance documentation in the electronic health record, and increase patient satisfaction.

This two-hour live course was developed by our risk management experts to introduce best practices to improve patient safety and patient satisfaction. Specialty:

Leading Well: Promoting Clinician Resilience and Patient Safety through Provider Support 1.00 On-Site
Registration Open
Feeling maxed out? If so, you are not alone. Burnout is prevalent among physicians and nurses. It is linked to family stress, suboptimal care, and lower patient satisfaction scores.

Leading Well is a one-hour seminar that will help you better understand the multi-dimensional impact of adverse events, litigation, and burnout. You will learn practical strategies to bring mindfulness into a busy workday. You will learn simple, accessible skills to reduce stress, support patient-centered care, and improve your day-to-day experience as a health care provider. Specialty:

Providers as Second Victims: Ensuring Effective Support after Adverse Events 1.00 On-Site
Registration Open
It's not a matter of if, but when a mistake will happen in health care. This program will help you appreciate the emotional impact of adverse events on the health care team and guide you on how to offer support. You will learn to

  • Define the second victim phenomenon
  • Describe the impact of adverse events on health care providers
  • Describe the correlation between provider distress and burnout and medical errors
  • Identify coping techniques and support programs to assist health care providers

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the second victim phenomenon and the multi-system impact on the clinician
  • Appreciate the 6-stage trajectory of recovery from the impact of involvement in an adverse event
  • Administer emotional first aid to peers involved in an adverse event
Specialty: All

The Coach Approach: Transforming Health Care through Patient Engagement 18.75 On-Site
Registration Open
The Coach Approach to Healthcare is a two-and-a-half day seminar designed to introduce health care professionals to the spirit and practice of coaching. This training merges evidence-based behavior change methods with simple yet powerful tools to help patients overcome ambivalence and take ownership of their well-being. 

Who is this seminar for?
This seminar is for physicians who desire to:
  • Improve the quality of patient care and satisfaction
  • Increase patient compliance and outcomes
  • Create dynamic provider/patient relationships that inspire and motivate change
  • Connect more meaningfully with patients, coworkers and peers

This training is brought to you by Vera University, a division of Vera Whole Health. Offered in partnership with Experix. Specialty:

Prevention and Management of Workplace Violence 1.00 On-Site
The patient is a 22-year-old male with a history of methamphetamine abuse. He enters the exam room agitated, scratching at what appear to be infected areas on his arms. After obtaining weight and verifying reason for the visit, the medical assistant leaves the exam room for a moment before taking vital signs. When she reenters, the patient is rummaging through a cabinet. “I know you’ve got samples here,” he hisses, wheeling around with a pocket knife. “And I need something to help me sleep. I need you to help me.” What do you do? What might have prevented this scene?
Workplace violence is more common as a source of injury in health care than in any other industry. Patient violence is too often considered to be “part of the job.” This one-hour introductory course will help you recognize when a patient is moving towards violence, give you practice with de-escalating strategies, and support your organization’s Workplace Violence Program. Specialty:

The Electronic Age: Medical Records, Communication and Office Policies 2.00 On-Site
Registration Open
From e-prescribing to e-discovery, in your office or in your pocket, electronics are becoming bigger parts of the health care landscape. Will electronics ultimately lead to improved quality of care, or are they liability landmines just waiting to be triggered? How can health care providers take control of these new tools for the benefit of patients while protecting their practice and minimizing the chance of liability? Specialty: All

Shoulder Dystocia Simulation Training 1.50 On-Site
Registration Open
Shoulder dystocia is an obstetrical emergency that cannot be reliably predicted or prevented, but simulation can help you to be prepared. Our Shoulder Dystocia Simulation Training allows teams to practice this rare event in a realistic but zero-risk setting on site at your hospital. You will learn how to recognize and successfully resolve a shoulder dystocia, how to communicate collaboratively with the delivery team, and how to standardize management protocols, including documentation of maneuvers used to resolve the dystocia.

Our simulation mannequin provides a life-like experience that includes feedback from a force monitor and the time duration of key points during delivery. Each team’s performance and confidential video recording are then reviewed in a facilitated debrief. With this comprehensive approach, you will measurably improve confidence and clinical skills. Physicians and nurses who have been through this exciting, fun, and intensive training have provided accounts of subsequent difficult deliveries that were successfully resolved as the result of increased team collaboration and standardized processes they learned from this course.

This activity has been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
Specialty: Obstetrics and Gynecology

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