We stake our reputation on protecting yours.

Protecting your healthcare organization. Your business. Your reputation and life’s work. Physicians Insurance is a national boutique mutual insurance company dedicated to protecting, defending, and supporting our Members with a suite of medical professional liability offerings and exceptional, personalized service. Backed with strong financials, Physicians Insurance delivers proactive protection for you now, and for whatever the future may hold. 


Unwavering Protection 

We fiercely protect, defend, and support your organization, your business, your reputation, and your life’s work. We are a mutual company that partners with leading defense counsel, brokers, and other experts to ensure Member interests are protected.

  • As a healthcare-focused mutual company, we do what’s best for Members, from providing broad coverage options to knowing when it’s best to fight a case and when it’s best to pay or settle a claim. 
  • PI claims handlers carry up to 50% fewer cases than the industry standard, so our Members receive more one-on-one attention.  
  • We invest in legislative and regulatory advocacy on issues that impact our Members.

Strong Financials 

Your peace of mind is paramount. Whether insuring a hospital, medical practice, or community healthcare center, we have the financial resources to ensure our Members are protected by the best coverage and services possible.

  • We hold an A- (Excellent) rating by AM Best. 
  • Our policyholder surplus is ~$290 million. 
  • In 2022 we generated more than $155 million in premium. 
  • We offer a variety of insurance coverages—including stop-loss, management liability, and cyber coverage—and work with Members to customize policies to fit their needs. 

Expertise with Empathy

When your life’s work is on the line, you need more than expertise. You need people who understand what’s at stake and who listen to you. Our business is about helping Members overcome their obstacles as quickly as possible to achieve a good outcome.

  • Our teams of dedicated claims and risk-management professionals are there when you need them most.
  • We possess proven expertise across a wide range of medical specialties and are especially proud of our success in complex litigation.
  • We provide a variety of litigation support to our Members experiencing a claim.
  • To achieve winning results in litigation, we hire the most authoritative experts to testify for, consult with, and defend our Members.
  • High-value cases are peer reviewed by a multi-specialty group of physicians, providing guidance and support to our claims and defense teams. 

Guidance that's Current

Your healthcare organization must keep pace with the industry, so we keep pace too. We constantly look for novel solutions to new challenges, and act with the urgency Members need and deserve while professionally guiding them through the underwriting, risk management, and claims processes. 

  • We have national reach and deep resources, matched with the personalized service of a leading boutique insurer. 
  • We proactively support our Members with informed guidance, such as risk assessments, claims support, and the resources they need to stay on top of legal and industry trends.  
  • We embrace change and foster a culture of learning: we are always learning from our Members, our partners, and industry best practices to be sure we provide the most effective solutions. 
  • We are dedicated to empowering defense counsel with the resources they need, from leveraging our broad array of national experts to hiring jury consultants to train the next generation of attorneys—all to help produce the best results for our Members. 

What Is Your Current Policy Not Providing?

Your policy should include resources that support you in mitigating risk. Contact us to understand your scope of risk and the full support a Physicians Insurance policy includes. 

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