You Provide Confidential Care to Patients. KavuMD™ does the same for you.

Confidential | Convenient | On-demand

As a physician, you have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. You save lives and are committed to the health and fulfillment of your patients.

Now you can invest in your own fulfillment while receiving the same level of privacy and dedication you provide for others.

Your Physicians Insurance membership includes access to KavuMD, a confidential, consultative teletherapy for physicians who want to nurture their professional and personal fulfillment.

As a highly trained professional, you appreciate expertise. KavuMD psychologists specialize in working with physicians and advanced-practice providers, and they understand the unique demands of healthcare careers—because they’re healthcare providers too.

KavuMD providers listen first, and consult with you using approaches proven to build fulfillment—whether that means evidence-based practices such as MBCT and ACT, or other approaches that fit your individual needs. Spouses or partners are welcome to join in the process if they wish.


Physicians Insurance members can access KavuMD’s network of licensed psychologists at Select the provider you prefer and schedule an initial appointment—the first two are complimentary through your Physicians Insurance affiliation. If subsequent appointments are desired, you’ll pay the provider’s regular rate and a nominal fee to KavuMD.

KavuMD is:

  • Confidential. KavuMD does not collect your personal information. Only your provider will know your name. Plus, because KavuMD offers teletherapy, you won’t be recognized in a waiting room.
  • On-demand. You’re in control. You select your provider; you set your appointment.
  • Independent. KavuMD is not affiliated with any healthcare employer or any health-insurance company.
  • Convenient: You can connect to your provider with a computer or smartphone from any location, or in person if that’s your preference—all on your schedule.

You chose a career in medicine to help others. Let KavuMD help you maintain your momentum and thrive long-term.

Physicians Insurance is a subscriber to KavuMD, so our members are eligible for two complimentary appointments.

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