The Physicians Report Magazine

The Physicians Report magazine is published three times a year and features news relevant to our members, such as industry innovations, challenges, developing dynamics, trial results, and more.

Spring 2012
Read about one obstetrician’s experience with simulation training, learn how physician collaboration influences claim outcomes, and see trial results.

Winter 2011-2012
This edition covers our response to health care changes; describes how our work in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon is expanding; and discusses the implications of Mohr v. Grantham on physician practices.

Fall 2011
Read a physician’s firsthand account of a malpractice lawsuit, view trial results, and learn more about our AHRQ grant.

Summer 2011
Learn about the company’s involvement in Governor Gregoire’s task force, the RAND Institute for Civil Justice Study, OB COAP, the Patient Safety Advisory Committee, and new obstetrical simulation training.