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Community Health Centers

Your community dollars may be leaving the state to buy insurance coverage that is not specifcally targeted to the needs of your CHC.

The Community Health Center system is the safety net for millions, providing high quality medical care, but also a place for the community to come together and support their own.

Physicians Insurance offers a new program developed specifically for CHCs. It blends the right mix of coverages for medical professional liability, general liability, employment practices liability, and directors and officers/management liability coverages with a robust risk-management and claims administration program. The idea is that having only one policy to manage will reduce your administrative burden.

Reducing Risk. Raising Standards
Physicians Insurance coverage includes:
  • FTCA gap or fully-insured coverage
  • Employment practice liability
  • General liability
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Employee benefit liability
  • Defense cost and damages coverage for sexual misconduct and sexual activity
  • Lower tail costs when moving from fully-insured to FTCA insurance

Application Additional Resources
Additional Resources and Services
To ensure our members lower their risks and adverse-event frequency, while also meeting FTCA deeming requirements, we offer a rich variety of online and in-person tools and resources:
  • Risk management phone consulting, online tools, and complimentary CME
  • Proactive claims administration services
  • Staff training and practice assessments
  • Physician support and wellness through litigation support and peer support

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy
Physicians Insurance is the only medical professional liability carrier based in the Pacific Northwest with an in-house lobbyist registered in Washington and Oregon. We remain vigilant in our community outreach and support for rural health communities, such as our support for Project Access NOW in Portland, Project Access Northwest in Seattle, and the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington in Vancouver.These programs significantly improve community health and provide access to care to low-income, underinsured and uninsured populations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

What's at Risk
You may be at risk due to potential coverage gap issues under the Federal Tort Reform Act, such as those that may occur when you add new locations, new providers, new services, or part-time or contract employees and volunteers.

You may also be at risk due to possible employment issues. Employment-related lawsuits are some of the fastest-growing types of civil litigation in the United States.

Our Value
A market leader since 1981, Physicians Insurance focuses on the unique needs of our community. Just like a CHC, our Board of Directors is comprised of our clients, which means we are dedicated to what’s most important to our members. We offer broad coverage designed to protect your clinic and help you focus on patient care at the lowest possible cost consistent with sound financial and insurance practices.

And best of all, this new program keeps your premium dollars local.

Download our introductory brochure on how Physicians Insurance is benefiting the Community Health Centers and their communities.

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