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Alternative Market for MPL

Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company provides first-dollar medical professional and hospital liability insurance, medical stop loss, and provider excess coverage to nearly 7,600 physicians, practices, corporations, community health centers, and hospitals in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Wyoming. Through its subsidiaries, the company also provides an alternative risk financing vehicle, assumed reinsurance to RRGs, with corresponding captive management, risk-management consulting, continuing medical education, and claims administration services.

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Alterna provides management services to existing risk retention groups and self-insured organizations, and helps in the establishment of new risk retention groups, effectively lowering risk exposure.Following are two examples of risk retention groups managed through Alterna. More information can be found at

 Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Company RRG (EMPAC) is a professional liability insurance company formed in 2003 by emergency medicine physicians seeking a viable, long-term alternative to the traditional insurance market. EMPAC serves as a predominantly single-specialty risk retention group insuring emergency medicine groups and residency-trained, board-certified professionals.

 SCRUBS RRG is a professional liability insurance company formed in 2007 by urologists, and is the only urologic-specific medical professional liability insurance company in the United States. SCRUBS RRG is dedicated to assuring the long-term availability of coverage at stable and reasonable prices to the specialty.

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MedChoice provides your evolving practice, clinic, or hospital with a new alternative to traditional liability programs. For those medical businesses that want more control but aren't ready to fund, start, and run their own captive, MedChoice provides an adaptive step toward that goal. Following are two examples of risk retention groups are managed through MedChoice. More information can be found at

Nevada Docs Support Association
Nevada Docs Support Association (Nevada Docs) serves the Nevada medical professional liability insurance needs for hundreds of doctors throughout the State of Nevada, including Las Vegas and Reno. Founded in 2006, Nevada Docs also provides members access to its group purchasing program helping its members and their employees save on personal, office, and medical supplies. In November 2015, Nevada Docs formed a partnership with MedChoice RRG to provide single- and multi-specialty practices medical professional liability coverage, risk management, continuing medical education, and claims administration. The support from Nevada Docs, along with the financial strength and breadth of services offered through MedChoice RRG, is a winning combination for Nevada's physicians and practices.

NOTE: These brief descriptions do not offer or change coverage. All insurance policies are controlled by the terms of the policies.
What is a Risk Retention Group?

A Risk Retention Group (RRG) is a type of insurance company in which the policyholders are also the stockholders. In the broadest sense, a risk retention group insures businesses of a similar type in regards to their liability exposures.
Management companies are contracted to the RRGs to handle a variety of functions of the carrier, including regulatory compliance, claims administration, investment strategies, underwriting, marketing, and servicing of policies for the risk retention groups. The companies are not owners but stewards of the insurance carriers. Physicians Insurance offers expertise in the origination and management of risk retention groups.

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