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Business owners generally trust that their employees and vendors will act honestly. However, business losses soar to some $3 billion each year due to the fraudulent activities of a few dishonest people.

Together with RLI Insurance Company, Physicians Insurance Agency offers bond products that protect you and your practice against fraudulent acts of persons entrusted or associated with valuable property/money. Also called fiduciary bonds, these bonds can help you meet Federal ERISA requirements for employee benefit plans (ERISA bonds), or they can protect company assets (dishonesty bonds).

Physicians Insurance Agency also offers surety bonds that allow you or your employees to be licensed to perform a certain function. Examples include notary bonds and hearing instrument fitter/dispenser bonds for audiologists.

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Physicians Insurance Agency is licensed under the name of Association Insurance Services, Inc. Physicians Insurance Agency/Association Insurance Services, Inc. is licensed to do business in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

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