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Requesting a Grant or Donation

We are strong supporters of efforts to lower medical professional liability and improve medical education, patient safety, and development of best practices in the delivery of medical care. In order to best steward the assets of our members, information collected on the application form (linked on this page) is used to evaluate which opportunities best match the Physicians Insurance mission, vision, values, and support our strategic goals.

Your assistance in providing the information below equips us to better understand your request and determine if/how Physicians Insurance can participate. Feel free to use the form below, or submit your responses in a separate document.

In general, the level of sponsorship and/or support is influenced by the degree to which an opportunity:
  1. Is ALIGNED with our strategic goals and improves the quality of medical care and patient safety.
  2. Assists us in providing increased value, helping us to RETAIN members.
  3. Provides access to new markets, helping us to GROW our membership.
  4. Provides a level of EXCLUSIVITY to Physicians Insurance versus that of similar insurers.
To assist your organization in budgeting, submissions for annual funding should be submitted to Physicians Insurance as early as possible. Final decisions on funding will be made when our physician-led Board of Directors approves our annual budget each December, and funding will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

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