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How Likely Are You To Get Sued?

Most physicians can expect to face at least one malpractice claim over a 30-year career. According to a report by the RAND Corporation, by 65 years of age, 75 percent of physicians in low-risk specialties and 99 percent of those in high-risk ones will likely have had at least one malpractice claim.

Physicians Insurance proprietary research indicates that, depending on the specialty, physicians have an 18-41% chance of a claim turning into a lawsuit.

With 100% defense verdicts in public trials during the past five years, and 90.7% over the past ten years, our defense skills are indisputable. It's just one of the advantages of being insured by Physicians Insurance -- the only locally based, mutually owned professional liability company in the Northwest.

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Learn more about the innovative ways Physicians Insurance approaches defending and supporting our members during claims and litigation. Download your free copy of Claims: Five True Stories below. Or contact us today at 1-800-962-1399 or to find out how you can make the switch to Physicians Insurance.


[1] Figures reflect Physicians Insurance claims data over a ten-year period from 2003 to 2012 and indicates the percentage of all claims, by specialty, that ended up as lawsuits. * Excludes Tooth  Damage

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