News and Insights

News & Insights

The Physicians Report and The Broker Essentials newsletters are each published quarterly and features news relevant to our members and our brokers, such as industry innovations, challenges, developing dynamics, trial results, and more.

Expanded Expertise

Broker Focus - Summer 2024
As the marketplace shifts, we're continually keeping pace. In this broker alert, we're introducing new team members and collaborations that sharpen our ability to deliver the resources and expertise our Members need as they navigate the risks associated with the delivery of care.

Models of Ethics Consultation

Winter 2024
In this issue, we hear from ethics expert Dr. Mark Tonelli on considerations of different models of ethics committees for organizations. You’ll also see guidance around the activities and investigations that should go into managing an adverse event, plus how to develop a written response to a patient complaint.

Ethics Committees and Liability

Fall 2023
This issue features ethics expert Dr. Gail Van Norman on the difficulties of forming ethics committees in the rural hospital setting. You’ll also find our Medical Liability Insurance Industry Update 2024, plus learn about our new flexible, stand-alone Management Liability coverage to help manage your risk in this growing area of exposure. 

Connecting for Results

Broker Focus - Summer 2023
Our underwriters understand the key to long-term success for us, our brokers, and our Members is productive relationships with open dialog. With a purpose and set of values that emphasizes a focus on the people we do business for and with, our organization is committed for the long term. 

Looking Ahead to Mitigate Risk

Winter 2023
An important part of our company values is our commitment to protecting, defending, and supporting our Members through risk management services and expertise. This issue explores the importance of proactive risk management practices and the partnership we offer to support our Members in their efforts. 

New Year, New Opportunities

Broker Focus - January 2023
We kick off 2023 reflecting on how we can apply what we gained and learned in 2022 to serving our Members. With a rededication to our purpose and the values we bring to the work of protecting, defending, and serving our Members, we look forward to another year of opportunities to grow and succeed with our partners. 

Protecting Members with Success

Fall 2022
We take on our clients' challenges as our own. That premise is foundational to our purpose and is why, when our member faces a claim, we thoroughly investigate, rigorously defend, and resolve meritorious claims in a timely manner, with all of the resources needed. The following newsletter shares stories and strategies of recent claim successes. 

Emerging Trends, Rising Risks

Broker Focus - Summer 2022
A PUBLICATION FOR OUR BROKER PARTNERS Emerging trends, such as widespread staffing shortages, may give rise to increased risk. Patient care may be impacted by staff who aren’t fully qualified and/or trained. Short-staffed offices may also skip best practices such as the use of chaperones for sensitive exams. Our two feature articles discuss these issues in detail and provide risk management resources.

Mitigating Risk to Avoid Claims

Summer 2022
We are committed to providing our members with resources and tools to help support them in the delivery of care that help mitigate their chances of risk. In this newest issue, read more about the best practices around closing the loop on testing for diagnosis, and the elements of a recent trial that lead to success for our member and defense team.