Quarterly Quiz - Winter 2023

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When COVID-19 became a global pandemic in 2020 and masks were in short supply, what recommendation was made by N95 mask inventor Peter Tsai?

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Answer for the Fall 2023 Quarterly Quiz


The first insulin pump was invented in 1963 by Arnold Kadish. This alternative method of insulin delivery was developed to manage Type 1 diabetes mellitus patients and was considered a vast improvement over injection-based methods of dosing insulin. However, the design was impractical for everyday use. What was the issue?


While Kadish’s first pump delivered insulin on a continuous basis—much as the pancreas does in non-diabetics—his design was as big as a backpack, and just not very practical.

More information:
Kadish’s 1963 invention featured a closed-loop system that delivered insulin on an automatic blood glucose–sensing mechanism, which is also how modern-day pumps work. For its time, Kadish’s pump was quite advanced. However, it was only decades later, after many refinements, that insulin pumps evolved to the point of being portable, lightweight, and user-friendly.