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The Physicians Report and The Broker Essentials newsletters are each published quarterly and features news relevant to our members and our brokers, such as industry innovations, challenges, developing dynamics, trial results, and more.

Delivering Health Care to Patients in Crisis

Spring 2018
Health-care providers are in a profound position, treating patients while at their best, their worst, and everything in between. While it’s not always immediately obvious, these patients are often in situations of crisis. Having the right systems in place can help the health-care team be prepared, no matter the crisis.

Navigating Change

Fall 2017
Change is often characterized as a bad thing. But few would argue against the life-saving benefits that changes in medicine have brought. Read more about navigating change in this issue.

Physicians in Focus: Managing Your Reputation

Winter 2016
The commercial world has been feverishly working on customer-satisfaction scoring and analysis for decades, while health care has been slow to gain traction.This is due to the challenges of measuring satisfaction of care. Even so, the need to excel in providing positive experiences for patients and their families is of vital importance in today's practices.

Stopping Workplace Violence

Summer 2017
The Physicians Report-Summer 2017The reality of violence in our society today—against health-care workers or otherwise—necessitates that employers seriously address potential risks of violence. Read this issue to learn more about the four types of workplace violence, and how to put plans, policies, and practices in place to mitigate its affect.

Preparing for Disaster

Fall 2016
Some disasters are natural and some are human-caused. But all require planning to ensure adequate steps are taken to be ready when disaster strikes.This issue of The Physicians Report explores the topic from the perspective of a physician, CEO, COO, clinic manager, and the risk managers who need to ensure a practice has a plan for disaster or crisis.

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation

Summer 2016
Connecting with patients means understanding their generational expectations alongside our own. And answers to many of medicine's challenges might be found in the talented minds of those new to the landscape -- with fresh ideas and a knack for collaboration and technology. This issue explores the perspectives of each generation both in the workplace and in their expectations of health care.

Reducing Risk Through Connected Care

Winter 2015
Connected care is more important than ever. What exactly does that mean? Connected care means close communication with all parties involved in the patient’s care—other providers, specialists, nursing staff, adminustrative staff, and especially the patient. It also means careful and appropriate use of the tools that make connection easier for the entire team, such as the EMR, email, and—let’s not forget—the phone.

Maintaining Joy: Building resilience to burnout

Fall 2015
A workforce compromised by dissatisfaction and burnout presents a serious threat to patient safety. And, as an increasing number of doctors decide to leave practice, access to care is threatened. Read more about the causes and cures of burnout, plus resources to help ourselves and each other.

Pursuing Patient Satisfaction

Summer 2015
When most physicians think of patient satisfaction, they associate it with patient-experience scores, quality of care, Medicare and Medicaid rebates or penalties, and possibly even hospital readmission rates, but few are aware of the strong link between patient satisfaction and medical professional liablity risk. This issue explores this link as well as other key aspects of achieving and maintaining positive patient experience.