Strengthen Your Reputation with New Clinical and Practice Resources

Physicians Insurance has taken our quality, safety, clinical and practice management content library to the next level with the addition of content from key partners and subject matter experts.

For the last several years, the upstream focus on quality and safety in the delivery of medicine has driven significant positive changes in downstream claims frequency and severity. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality estimates that 1.3 million fewer patients were harmed in US hospitals from 2010 to 2013 as the result of a concerted focus to reduce surgical site infections, adverse drug results, and other preventable incidents.

For decades, Physicians Insurance has been viewed as a leader in risk management, quality, and patient safety for physicians, practices, and hospitals. Our award-winning programs and courses are utilized by thousands each year as they seek to improve everything from clinical skills to compliance with HIPAA and meaningful use.

We’ve recently taken our quality, safety, clinical, and practicemanagement content library to the next level with the addition of content from key partners and subject matter experts. Now, members can access a library with expanded specialty content— literally hundreds of documents, forms, and continuing education courses. Non-physician clinical staff will also find valuable content specifically designed for them. Our enhanced content is focused on 17 popular topic areas, including: • Apology and disclosure • Dealing with difficult patients • Telehealth • Diagnosis, and more. These resources, along with our free practice- and member-facing materials, are all available, to members, on the Physicians Insurance Web site.

Physicians Insurance is proud to partner with PYA ( in the development of products and services that support a physician’s or system’s ability to successfully transition from fee-for-service reimbursement models to quality-based, preventivecare models without sacrificing patient safety. Through our subsidiary Experix, we are collaborating with PYA to provide insights and implementation services in chronic care management, navigating the Medicare physician fee-schedule implementation, and support for PQRS and QRUR reporting to larger practices, hospitals, and systems. We also just finalized a collaboration agreement with the national MGMA organization ( to provide small- to medium-sized practices with high-value tools and consulting in practice management, revenue cycle management, and quality score reporting. These two partners are helping to ensure that Physicians Insurance members can successfully move into the next evolution of health care. Lastly, we are also working to make an impact with clinical risk-management strategies designed to address claims trends and emerging risks. Using rich data sources, such as our industry’s closed claim comparative database combined with member data, can help to determine focus areas for simulation training and patient satisfaction.

Physicians Insurance is also leading the way in the region with handson simulations and organizational improvement programs covering clinical skills, hospital risk management, cyber security, and provider support programs. For example, our collaboration with InSytu (—the region’s leading medical simulation provider—is bringing on-site simulation programs to member hospitals covering timely issues, such as adult and pediatric airway management, stroke evaluation and assessment, neonatal code and resuscitation, shoulder dystocia delivery, and more. As the paradigm of medicine continues to shift, Physicians Insurance is here to support you with the resources you need to meet your goals for safety, patient satisfaction, and cost reduction. Our services can be accessed as part of an integrated program with your hospital or system, or as needed by individuals within your practice. Visit the Physicians Insurance Web site today to access this timely and relevant content.