Tribute and Thanks to James Campbell, MD

Mary-Lou Misrahy, President and Chief Executive Officer

The first and most important part of winemaking is selecting the right grapes. This is the foundation to ensuring a great product and something that outgoing Board Chair Dr. James Campbell knows well. Owner of the family winery Anelare, located in Benton City, Washington, Dr. Campbell understands the importance of vision, planning, and patience in order to make his award-winning wines.

He’s applied those same principles during his term as Chairman of the Board for Physicians Insurance, and the company has been strengthened because of it.

Dr. Campbell, a Physicians Insurance member since 1988 and a Board member since 2002, completed his service as the company’s eighth Chairman of the Board in May. A strong leader for the company during a period of growth and change, Dr. Campbell was instrumental in developing the Board’s ability to think strategically and to identify the changes in health care that will impact the company and its members. Recognizing the growing need to remain valuable to physicians involved in larger health care systems, he gave support and the time needed to educate the Board and secure approval for the company’s recent acquisition of the EMPAC and SCRUBS risk retention group management companies.

On the Physicians Insurance Board, he has served on the Executive Committee, the Nominating Committee, and the Claims Committee, where he became known for his passion for thoroughly investigating and evaluating claims, choosing processes fair for all parties, and always doing the right thing. He also served on the board of Western Professional Insurance Company, a Physicians Insurance subsidiary.

A believer in developing people, Jim is always happy to introduce, orient, and educate new Board members and pay tribute to departing ones. He’s passionate about the company’s core values, has a keen perspective and ability to explain significant and complex medical/legal issues, and regularly observes how Physicians Insurance’s leadership distinguishes it from other providers of professional liability insurance. In other words, he is a big fan of physicians, and Physicians Insurance.

The son of a physician, Jim grew up in Pasco, Washington. After attending St. Martin’s College as an undergraduate, he completed his medical degree at Universidad de Guadalajara–St. Louis University School of Medicine, specializing in internal medicine. He continues to practice medicine in Eastern Washington, where he also focuses on being a devoted father and grandfather and improving his golf swing.

As Jim serves the remainder of his term as a Board member, I continue to value his ideas and ability to think critically about the best ways Physicians Insurance can position itself for ongoing growth and success. Thank you, Jim, for your service, leadership, and commitment to this company, its policyholders, and its employees.