Turn Generational Obstacles Into Opportunities: Get Your Access to The Generational Institute

Whether you’re communicating with a colleague or a patient, you bring your generational values, ethics, and characteristics along—as do those around you. Each generation sees the world differently, and understanding these differences is the key to success for how your organization’s culture works together—as well as for how your team serves and cares for patients.

We use The Generational Institute with our staff for training, particularly the managers. It has been great to have videos for them to watch. This is a valuable tool to have access to."

- Arielle Hardre, MS
Regulatory Compliance Coordinator
Tacoma Valley Radiation Oncology Centers

It’s possible your workplace employs people from five different generations, from Traditionalists (1925–1946), through Millennials (1982–1995), all the way to Generation Z (born after 1995). It’s even more likely you’re treating patients from all those generations—and no matter who they are, we know you care about connecting and communicating with them.

Through your membership with Physicians Insurance, you are eligible for access to the exclusive curriculum from The Generational Institute. This Pacific Northwest consultancy helps individuals and organizations become more effective, cohesive, and successful by understanding the generational codes that drive them.

This on-demand, modularized video series will lead you through four pillars of learning:

  • Pillar 1: The Generational CODES™
  • Pillar 2: Leading the Generations
  • Pillar 3: Selling to the Generations
  • Pillar 4: Customer Service Across Generations

Contact your account manager to learn more about getting complimentary access to this comprehensive and insightful education.