You Are at the Center of What We Do

One of the benefits of being insured by a local, Northwest-based mutual company is that your voice matters. Compared to out-of-state national companies who may view you only as a policy number, Physicians Insurance spends a lot of time interacting with you in your world. It’s your voice that is shaping what we do.

Over the past year we’ve had the chance to talk with Northwest physicians, clinic administrators, hospital administrators, and medical staff members via site visits, focus groups, usability studies, phone consultations, and continuing education sessions. Here’s just a sample of what we’re hearing:

  • “Helpful,” “supportive,” “available,” “local,” “responsive,” “reliable,” “protective”--these are just a few of the words members use to describe Physicians Insurance. What comes to mind for you?
  • Our Web site needed work. It was hard to find things, and it didn’t quite feel as up to date as it should. After several hours of focus groups and usability studies, we were proud to launch our new Web site--which was, in essence, built by you. Thank you to the many members who helped to shape this new online tool. We hope you see your ideas in the new site!
  • You want to see trial results--you want to know what happened to others so you might learn from their experiences. We’ve gathered up dozens of public claims listings and put them on our Web site, sorted by specialty, to help you learn from the experiences of others.
  • The business of medicine is getting harder--we’ve heard this from many of you. That’s one reason why we worked hard to keep base premium rates flat for next year (2013), and were proud to distribute our fifth consecutive $5 million dividend back to policyholders this year.

As you experience changes from the evolution of health care, please let us know how we can best serve you. E-mail us anytime at