Online Courses

Integrating Primary Care with Behavioral Health

As a healthcare professional, you may or may not be sure what the term “integrated care” means, what the implications are for future healthcare practice, or how you might participate in an integrated-care environment. This course explains the costs, benefits, and goals of various integrated-care models and configurations. You will learn ways that behavioral-healthcare professionals can function effectively in such an environment, along with key challenges to and characteristics of well-functioning integrated-care systems.

Best Practices for Delivering Telehealth

Learn how to select and apply the most appropriate treatment modalities for telehealth when working with individuals across behavioral-health settings; describe considerations when building rapport and engaging clients remotely via telehealth; and learn how to summarize specific research describing the strengths and weaknesses of telehealth practice, including the standardized use of electronic assessments.

HIPAA and Behavioral Health

This course addresses some of the most common HIPAA-related legal and ethical challenges faced by behavioral-health professionals, including those who work in hospitals, clinics, community mental-health centers, addiction-treatment centers, and private practices. This course will improve your understanding of HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and how they apply to your day-to-day professional responsibilities as a behavioral-healthcare provider.

Reducing Medical and Treatment Errors in Behavioral Health

In this course, you will learn the scope of medical and treatment errors within the overall healthcare system, and specifically in behavioral-health settings. You will explore the types of medical errors, including error-prone situations, and the use of root-cause analysis to determine why and how an error occurred. You will explore best practices to improve client safety and outcomes, and learn your responsibilities for reporting medical errors.

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