Good News for Members

Dividend Checks in 2011, No Rate Increase in 2012, and the Continuation of the Loss Experience Credit

In September, for the fourth consecutive year, Physicians Insurance sent dividend checks to all eligible members. The $5 million dividend was a result of several factors: Physicians Insurance members’ patient-focused care, conservative investments, sound fiscal and risk management practices, our aggressive claims defense, and our fair and reasonable costs.

No Rate Increase
There will be no general rate increase for the coming year. Except for members in the early years of claims-made coverage, whose premiums increase annually during the first five years of coverage, as well as some members whose practice characteristics have changed, most insureds will not see a rate change.

ACCOLADES Loss Experience Credit
Additionally, as a reward for those who meet our qualifications and have been practicing safe medicine, the ACCOLADES loss experience credit will be included on the 2012 policy.