Provider Support Program

Because provider wellness is correlated with patient safety, Physicians Insurance has expanded its Provider Support Program to include innovative services to members. In addition to our Litigation Support Program, in which Dr. Ron Hofeldt, Director of Physician Affairs, provides confidential coaching after serious adverse events, Physicians Insurance offers our Adverse Event Response Team (AVERT) program, provider support/wellness committee consultations, and Balint Group formation.

Physicians Insurance is accredited by the Washington State Medical Association CME Accreditation Committee to sponsor continuing medical education activities for physicians. Many of our courses are certified Category 1 credit, and all of them fulfill the risk management education requirement mandated by the Washington Health Services Act of 1993.

If you would like to learn more about our expanded Provider Support Program, please call our Risk Management Department today at 1-800-962-1399 (Western Washington & Oregon) or 1-800-962-1398 (Eastern Washington & Idaho).