Message From the Chairman

James P. Campbell, MD

The Value of Physicians Insurance

James P. Campbell, MD
Chairman of the Board

Whenever I meet with the physicians, clinic administrators, and financial and legal professionals on the Physicians Insurance Board of Directors and committees, I am reminded of the caliber of people involved at the company’s highest levels and their dedication to the values of this company. We listen to our colleagues at home, and we bring important issues to the table. Together we make decisions for the good of Northwest physicians and the improvement of patient care.

What do members appreciate about Physicians Insurance?
Every week physicians in my community and in other Northwest communities tell me how much they value Physicians Insurance. At Physicians Insurance, our members appreciate our company’s expert claims handling—how we select the best attorneys, work with the best expert witnesses, and stand behind the physicians every step of the way. Members understand the value of our AVERT program, which provides training to health care teams on how to best care for patients and affected providers after adverse events. Members who have participated in our company’s obstetrical simulation drills know that these exercises enhance their professional skills and help prepare them for complicated births. Members tell us they appreciate the dividend that we’ve been able to distribute the last four years. They also value the company’s prompt service and the availability of a real person to talk to—whether they have a billing issue, a question about the risk management education requirement, a potential claim, or a thorny issue in a medical practice.

How physician involvement makes our company more responsive
Our physician-majority Board of Directors makes crucial decisions to strengthen the company financially and serve our members to the best of our ability. Physicians on our Risk Management Committee are responsible for new CME courses, useful practice forms and guidelines, and Web site enhancements. Physicians on our Claims Committee thoroughly evaluate complicated claims and help determine a thoughtful plan of action. Physicians on our Compensation Committee, Executive Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, Investment Committee, Nominating Committee, and Underwriting/Marketing Committee perform equally important roles to determine the direction and success of the company. Recent successes coming out of our committee decisions include our growing use of medical specialty focus groups and a strong internal audit function. Our directors and committee members have enabled us to provide superior coverage to physicians who choose hospital employment.

How our work with the Washington State Medical Association is good for physicians, clinics, and hospitals
Physicians Insurance was created under the auspices of the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA), and we have been partnering for the good of physicians ever since. As physician practices evolve and different models of health care take hold, it’s never been more important to speak up for physicians and patients in the legislature. We also work in Oregon and Idaho to protect physicians and enhance patient care.

As we remind ourselves of the tenets of our mission, we know that following it moves our company forward. Together we know that the value of our company lies in the members who own and direct it, who use it to improve patient safety in their own practices, and who know that sharing a personal connection with a local medical professional liability insurance company makes the Pacific Northwest a better place to practice medicine. I am proud to be a part of this local institution.