Quarterly Quiz - Fall 2022

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The first insulin pump was invented in 1963 by Arnold Kadish. This alternative method of insulin delivery was developed to manage Type 1 diabetes mellitus patients and was considered a vast improvement over injection-based methods of dosing insulin. However, the design was impractical for everyday use. What was the issue?

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Summer 2022 Quiz Answer

The surgical scalpel as we know it today was invented by the Bard-Parker Company and patented in 1915.  What was the inspiration and by whom?  

The initial inspiration may be credited to King Gillette, a traveling salesman. As the legend goes, Gillette realized the need for a safe and stable instrument for shaving while watching men trying to shave on a moving train. In 1901, he founded the American Safety Razor Company, which eventually became the Gillette Safety Razor Company, to sell a device with a disposable razor.

King Gillette’s concept was expanded upon in 1914 when Morgan Parker, a 22-year old engineer, invented the disposable scalpel. In 1915, Parker founded the Bard Parker Company, which patented the product that same year. In 1956, the company merged with Becton Dickinson and became known as Becton, Dickson & Company, a manufacturer of medical, laboratory, and industrial safety products. Parker remained board chairman until he retired in 1965; and he died in 1976.