Spotlight on Kari Adams, Senior Vice President, Physicians Insurance, and her Stellar Claims Team

Kari Adams, Senior Vice President of Claims, leads Physician Insurance’s claims team guided by a simple philosophy: Do what’s in the best interest of our policyholders, and defend the practice of quality medicine. With this as our guide, and under Kari Adams’s leadership, we have achieved an enviable 10-year average of 97% defense verdicts out of a total of 80 jury trials.

Utilizing acumen, expertise and compassion, Kari and her team thoroughly investigate each case for our members. With the development of long-standing relationships with leading medical negligence defense firms, Physicians Insurance can more fully defend quality medicine, as well as resolve meritorious claims in a timely manner. Physicians Insurance. brings the full resources needed to protect our policyholders including consulting with multiple experts, utilizing focus groups, witness and jury consultants—as cases warrant—as well as providing litigation peer support. “Our caseload per adjuster is substantially below the industry average, ensuring an exceptional focus on each claim,” says Kari. “And we are quick to adopt new strategies using ‘out of the box’ thinking to obtain the best results possible.” 

Kari and her team skillfully help litigants through the complex and often strenuous claims and litigation process. Every interaction is an opportunity to provide assistance, education, and support. “I find the Physicians Insurance claims staff to not only be good at managing claims, but also excellent at dealing with people,” says Dr. Eric Stoler, an anesthesiologist who serves as the Chair of Physicians Insurance Policyholder and Claims Committee. “They maintain good relationships with each other, as well as physicians, attorneys, and plaintiffs. They work incredibly hard to gain the trust and confidence of our members undergoing one of the worst experiences of their lives.” 

“At the end of the day, it is our job to understand what our members need, what is best for them, and how to lessen the effects of litigation and consequences of settlement,” says Kari. “What we don’t want to happen is for our members to be so distracted by litigation that they can’t take care of the next patient or go home and be present with their families.”

“Kari has led the claims department during what is an increasingly complex healthcare litigation environment,” said William Cotter, Physicians Insurance’s CEO. “Year after year, Kari demonstrates her leadership, expertise, and development of claims strategy, plus her overall commitment to this company and our members.”

Kari has been at Physicians Insurance since 1996 and has over 30 years of medical negligence claims experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Phoenix, as well as an Associate’s in Claims (IIA). During her tenure at Physicians Insurance, she has become a well-known, much-respected leader at our company.

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