Responding to Adverse Events: Implications and Resources for Providers

Things don’t always go as planned. And when they don’t, you are not on your own. There is an entire community of physicians who are pulling for you, wanting to offer support during this challenging time.

So we created the Physicians Insurance Peer Support Program.

Your peer support consultant is…

  • A volunteer member physician
  • Compassionate, thoughtful, discreet
  • Specially trained in peer support
  • Ready to listen

Your peer support consultant is not…

  • A counselor or therapist
  • Reviewing medical records or giving clinical opinions
  • Sharing your confidential discussions

Many of your peers have dealt with the aftermath of unanticipated outcomes of patient care. These seasoned and compassionate professionals are ready to talk with you, confidentially, peer-to-peer. They know how helpful it is to share the experience with someone who has already walked this path. Physicians Insurance's Peer Support Program is offered as part of our Claims Department services to help members deal with the impact of adverse events. Our consultants are volunteer member physicians. They understand the impact on your personal and professional life, and have been trained to reach out to colleagues following an unanticipated outcome. This support is confidential and meant to help you process the effects of an unanticipated outcome. Participation is voluntary and members are free to request or decline this support as they wish.


Visit our website for additional information on provider support and learn about common symptoms after an adverse event, such as fatigue, intrusive thoughts, insomnia, and more.


Litigation Support

Stress is an almost inevitable component of litigation. A physician survey indicates that stress has manifestations in the physician’s physical health that may include fatigue, anxiety, and loss of sleep. In addition, other areas affected by litigation may include income, relationships with peers, and productivity.

Physicians Insurance offers a unique service to policyholders: the Provider Support Program. In the event you become a defendant in a medical-malpractice lawsuit, you will have access to our support services to help you manage the stress of litigation. In addition, all discussions of support are privileged communications, and confidential.

Read real stories of how Physicians Insurance approaches claims, and how we support our policyholders.

The Value of Provider Support 

Check out our provider support guide at:


Oregon Patient Safety Commission “Care for the Caregiver” program


Idaho Physician Recovery Network


Alaska Federation of State Physician Health Programs Resources


Wyoming Professional Assistance Program


Washington Physicians Health Program 
The Washington Physicians Health Program is an independent, physician-led, non-profit organization intended to assist health-care professionals with medical conditions that may affect their ability to practice medicine safely. These conditions may include substance abuse, behavioral health disorders, and physical and cognitive disorders. The WPHP is a confidential resource to the maximum extent provided by law.

Among the wellness services offered:

  • Mindfulness for health-care professionals
  • Compassion-cultivation training
  • Mind-body medicine

Additional services include providing education and support for the community, including:

  • Family services and support
  • Speaking engagements
  • Literature and publications
  • Other resources and content

For more information about WPHP, visit