Boost Your Clinic's HIPAA I.Q.

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In a recent survey by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR, the enforcer of all things HIPAA), it was discovered that the most common reason for HIPAA deficiencies was lack of knowledge about the requirements.

Always eager to fill a knowledge gap and reduce member risk, the Risk Management team at Physicians Insurance has developed a course to help you and your staff understand what you need to know to be prepared for the September 23, 2013, deadline.

Safeguarding Your Practice: Understanding the Final HIPAA/HITECH Rules

This one-hour online self-study course is designed to provide critical information to help members become and remain HIPAA-compliant.*

Geared to all specialties, this course will allow you and your staff to review the course materials at your own pace, and complete an interactive quiz that reinforces key topics discussed throughout the program. The course includes a review and discussion of the final regulations released in January 2013 and covers:   

  • The HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • The HIPAA Security Rule
  • The HIPAA Enforcement Rule
  • The HITECH Act and the Breach Notification Rule

You will come away understanding what is and is not a “breach” of unsecured protected health information (PHI), the required changes to existing Notice of Privacy Practices, the expanded definition and the documentation rules of working with a “Business Associate,” and topics such as marketing and fund-raising under the new HIPAA rules.

Who should take this course:

This course focuses on the 2013 HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule and is relevant to every member of your practice, especially your Privacy and Security Officers who have key responsibilities for helping your clinic achieve compliance by the September 23 deadline.

You can find “Safeguarding Your Practice: Understanding the Final HIPAA/HITECH Rules” by logging into the Physicians Insurance Web site at

*This course is intended to be risk management advice. Any legal questions should be directed to an attorney.