Now You Can Get Certificates of Insurance On Demand 24/7

You’ve got a list of physicians whose hospital credentials need updating, and you need COIs fast. Faster than you can dial the 800 number and talk to the good people in the Underwriting Department at Physicians Insurance. Besides, it’s 7 p.m. and you just learned they need to be there by morning.

Physicians Insurance recently launched an online document delivery tool enabling you to search, sort, save, and download Certificates of Insurance (COIs) for all the physicians you manage. A quick search, a few clicks, and a PDF of the certificate you need is at your fingertips for download.

How It Works

Sign in to your Physicians Insurance online account, and select “COI Documents” from the “Your Account” tab. You can search for just one or multiple certificates, using name, policy number, or client ID. Then, when you’re ready, download the resulting PDF and it will appear on your computer in a folder. Multiple certificates can be merged as one, or you can download them as individual files—whatever you need. Searches can be downloaded on the spot, or saved for later if you get interrupted and need to come back.

Super Convenient

Though you can still call our office and request a COI, it’s nice to know you can generate one at any time—even after hours or on the weekends. So when a physician is being credentialed at a new hospital over the weekend, and you need the COI to finalize the process for privileges, or if you don’t quite remember where the COI was filed during the beginning-of-year rush—now you have the ability to generate COIs with just a few clicks of the mouse.