Embracing Change

Mary-Lou Misrahy, ARM, President and CEO

“The only thing that is constant is change,” said Greek philosopher Heraclitus. And here we are, nearly 2,500 years later, and those words ring true today. Medicine is changing at breakneck speeds with advancements in our understanding of the human body. Health care is experiencing tectonic shifts as practice models, patient panels, and payor rules change. And not since the Medicaid and Medicare programs were created in 1965 has our country undergone the type of change proposed by the Affordable Care Act.

Physicians Insurance is changing, too. Not only are we continually working to increase the value and services we bring to members, but we’re also looking to improve communications and enhance how information is shared. This new edition of the Physicians Report is just the spear-head of that effort.

Based on focus group research and member surveys, we’ve updated the Physicians Report to help you address changes in the business and practice of medicine. In each edition you’ll find focused, in-depth articles on timely topics, case reviews, and helpful information you can put to use in your own practice. In the months between editions, we’ll send you e-mails of relevant articles and information, keeping you connected to risk management topics and specialty-specific news.

Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Without it we would not have the exchange of ideas to together ensure the Physicians Report­—and Physicians Insurance—grows and adapts to provide the resources that are most relevant for you today.

Though today’s news headlines claim that health care is in a crisis or that the future delivery of care is impossible with today’s models, you can count on Physicians Insurance—the only locally based, mutual company in the Northwest—to be alongside you every step of the way.