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Medical Error Prevention for Healthcare Professionals (1 Credit)

Given the significant impact that medical errors can have on health and safety, all licensed professionals caring for patients must understand how these errors occur and how to prevent them. This course will discuss the factors that increase risk for medical errors, and how root-cause analysis and other evidence-based strategies can aid in preventing them. In addition, five of the most misdiagnosed medical conditions will be reviewed, along with strategies for preventing misdiagnosis.

Reducing Medical Treatment Errors in Behavioral Health (1 Credit)

In this course, you will learn the scope of medical treatment errors within the overall healthcare system and specifically in behavioral-health settings. You will explore the types of medical errors, including error-prone situations, and use of root-cause analysis to determine why and how an error has occurred. You will also explore best practices that will help improve client safety and outcomes within your organization. Finally, you will learn your responsibilities regarding the reporting of medical errors.


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• WA-OR-ID-WY-Response-To-ASubpoena-For-Medical-Records-Or-Deposition.pdf

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• Upset Patient Letter

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