New Courses to Meet Your CME Requirements

Teamwork, Communication, and Patient Safety in the Emergency Department: Case Studies

Emergency physicians operate under great time pressure within a high-risk, high-volume environment. This self-study course helps mitigate the risk by using evidence-based communication tools. The course demonstrates through case examples how to put the tools into practice, facilitate team effectiveness, and enhance patient safety. An interactive quiz at the end of each case reinforces key topics discussed throughout the course.

Who should take this course: Emergency medicine providers

Patient Complaints and Service Recovery: Strategies for Successfully Handling Customer Satisfaction Issues

Poor communication can damage a patient’s confidence in the interest, competence, and attitude of the health care team. When confidence is undermined, any complication or adverse result can lead to a complaint—and if the complaint is not handled appropriately, litigation can result. This one-hour webinar will address the issues that lead to patient dissatisfaction and will present strategies to prevent the errors that result from communication failures.

Who should take this course: Health care providers and their staff