Webinar: Managing Category II Fetal Heart Rate Patterns, A Standardized Approach

Earn CME and learn from Dr. Steven Clark.

Obstetrical practitioners know the challenges in managing Category II fetal heart rate patterns during
labor. Interpreting these tracings remains one of the most critical issues in obstetrics. We are pleased to announce a course describing a tool that can help you and your patients.

This webinar features obstetrical patient-safety leader Dr. Steve Clark highlighting his just-published article in the August 2013 American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He explains and demonstrates a simple, rational, evidence-based algorithm developed by him and a team of experts. You will learn through examples of challenging fetal strips how to achieve compliance with the current standard of care in managing this difficult clinical situation.

Who should take this course: Obstetrical care providers

Watch our on-demand webinar featuring Dr. Steven Clark now.