Unwavering Commitment

Unwavering supportPhysicians Insurance A Mutual Company strives to embody our purpose and values in everything we do. Recognizing this, in 2022 our leadership collectively stepped back to contemplate what we have done over the past 40 years—and how we can best be there for our Members and brokers in the years to come. The outcome? We redefined our organization’s core purpose against the backdrop of today’s increasingly difficult healthcare environment, and together have agreed for all of us at Physicians Insurance/MedChoice to embrace a singular mission:  To protect, defend and support our Members with expertise, commitment and a people-first approach.

As you may know, the Physicians Insurance / MedChoice difference stems from who we are as a mutual insurance companywe are owned by and accountable to our Members. Unconcerned about shareholders or quarterly analyst calls, we are wholly focused on protecting, defending, and serving those Members. And our success in this endeavorin delivering the best possible insurance protection and services for the long termis only possible with the partnerships we have with you, our brokers. Our commitment to our partnerships is unwavering, and we are thankful for your support and expertise.